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How Secure Loans Work

Secure Loans
We lend money for gold, jewelry and other valuable items. As a licensed pawnbroker, we are able to provide a secure loan to the customer based on the collateral. This secure loan period in California is 4 months, with a 15 day grace period. You can  renew or redeem this collateral loan at any time. All fees are regulated by the state of California. We understand that some of the pieces you may bring in for a collateral loan have great sentimental value. We strive always to make your feel comfortable and secure about your loan decision. Your privacy is our top concern.

Hand Shake

Sometimes a customer prefers to sell their item or trade it for an item for sale in our shop. With many years of experience in jewelry, watches,  diamonds and collectibles, we are able to appraise your items quickly and we historically offer higher values than our competitors. Having us purchase your jewelry outright can be a great option if you don’t need certain pieces. And we offer great value for your pieces if you decide to trade them in for one of our stellar watches or jewelry items!

Please keep in mind that amount offered on a secure loan or buy is based on the wholesale, pre-owned value of your items, and not the new price. Please note that we require a state issued driver’s license or state photo ID card as identification each time a customer sells or pawns an item.

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