Personal Secured Loans

Personal Secured Loans

Have you been looking for  personal secured loans online, and don’t really know where to start?

It isn’t always easy to find the answers you seek , especially when looking for personal secured loans online. After all, there are many different kinds of financial products, collateral loans, secured loans, unsecured loans. What does it all mean? In this post, we break personal secured loans down for you step by step.

Personal Secured Loans

First let’s begin with the base definition of a personal secured loan: A loan that is issued usually using some form of collateral or “secure” asset. What this means is that you put up something of value, like a car, jewelry, watches, or perhaps some gold, and you receive a loan based on the value of that asset. Mortgages and auto finance work in a similar way. The nice thing about a loan like this is that if you can’t pay the loan back, you simply default on the item, instead of having an impact on your credit score, or deal with some collection agency from another state. Who wants that? Plus, with a personal secured loan, there’s no need to run a credit check!

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans are usually loans that are based off of your credit, such as a personal loan, credit cards, or even student loans. These can be a tad more risky for the lenders, and if you can’t pay off the debt (plus interest), you can see your credit score go down, making it difficult to get another loan in the future! So while loans like this can be useful, and even necessary at times, it is certainly more risky than getting a loan based off of something you already have that has some intrinsic value.

The Right Option For You

While it may seem daunting at first, finding the right place to get personal secured loans is not too difficult. There are likely many local options near you. You just need to do some research. First, a good place to start is Yelp. Reputable businesses that offer personal secured loans should have 5 stars, because you know they take care of their customers. Second, Only go to a business that explains their loan process up-front. There are many paycheck loan places that don’t fully disclose interest terms or other important information, leaving the hapless consumer out in the lurch. This is why a personal secured loan is a better way to go. There shouldn’t be any hidden fees.

Finally, keep in mind the business’s  longevity. How long has this business been around? If it has popped up very recently, chances are it could pop back down soon as well. Make sure to look for established businesses that have been around a long time. Does the business have multiple locations? That’s another clue that they probably know what they’re doing.

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