Loan Collateral: The Best Items for Collateral Loans

Loan Collateral

gold & jewelry for loan, loan collateralSo, perhaps you need some extra money to pay a few bills, and you need to use some loan collateral to get a secure loan. Or maybe there’s a business opportunity that you wish to get in on but don’t have the cash on hand. Maybe you even wish to start a business, but are having a little trouble raising some capital. You need a loan.  You definitely don’t want to deal with big finance corporations or banks. You just need a short-term collateral loan to get you through the next few months. But what can you use as collateral?

Jewelry as Loan Collateral

jewelry as loan collateralIf you have jewelry, such as gold rings, platinum necklaces, diamond pins, etc, You can usually get a loan with these kinds of items because they carry intrinsic value. That means that no matter what the market does, no matter what is in fashion, items like gold, diamonds, and jewelry will always carry some value. That means they can be used for secure loans at a reputable loan business.

Watches as Loan Collateral

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Using a watch instead of jewelry offers the same kind of intrinsic value as using jewelry. If you have nice watches like a Rolex, Breitling, Patek Philippe, Panerai, etc, you too can use these items as loan collateral to get a short term loan. Watches are an excellent form of collateral for reputable pawn shops and jewelry and loan establishments.

Other Items as Loan Collateral

If you don’t fit into the two broad categories above, perhaps your loan collateral fits into these:

Diamonds as Loan Collateral

diamonds as loan collateral

If you own any loose diamonds, these can be great items to use as  collateral! As a precious gemstone (and girl’s best friend), diamonds make for superb collateral. Just remember, smaller stones (under .50 ct) are going to be harder to get a loan on than anything over a carat in size. It also helps if you have a grading certificate on the stone. This allows your lender to compare the grading and the assessment given by their gemologist.

Colored Stones as Loan Collateral

Rubies. Sapphires. Emeralds. Tourmaline. Opals. Diamonds aren’t the only precious gemstones you can use for a pawn loan. If  the loan shop you are using has trained staff, they will gladly accept precious gemstones of many colors and cuts. As with diamonds, it helps if you have certificates that a gemologist can compare with observations to facilitate maximum value for you.

Collateral Loans at Jewelry and Loan Pro

At Jewelry and Loan Pro, we have specialized in providing secure, fast collateral loans for nearly a decade. We have the know-how and properly trained staff to expertly evaluate your loan items to give you maximum value. We even have a graduate gemologist available for looking at precious stones and diamonds!

Security, in more Ways Than One

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Our customer service is parallel to none, and we do everything in our power to have you feel safe and comfortable in our secluded location. Your comfort and feeling of ease is our top priority. We know that you may be feeling cautious about leaving your precious pieces with someone else. Rest assured your items are treated with the utmost care and security. Our state of the art security protocols and technology ensure that your loan collateral is always kept safe and sound.

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